Friday, December 30, 2016


Brought to you by: DJ Trump & the Trump-ettes

D. J. Trump & the Trump-ettes
 Now, while half the County’s  hair is catching on fire over the 2016 Election, maybe we should take a collective deep breath, and look back over the past one hundred, or so, years. There have been some pretty bad actors in our recent global history. They all have been involved, at one time or another, in the practice of genocide; some on a small scale, but most on a huge scale. Most, if not all, of them make our present National situation look like a warm, sunny walk in the park.
 Is the future head of the United States Government going to resemble these bad actors, even fractionally? The most complete answer I can come up with is, “NO”. The United States is blessed with a democracy that has enough “Checks & Balances” to insure the political pendulum stays reasonably close to dead center.
 Even using Executive Powers & Actions, a President is limited in what he/she can do to circumvent a reluctant Congress. Moreover, what comes out of the White House has to be funded to some extent. Many of these Executive Actions look great on paper, but, without proper funding from Congress, they simply die on the vine.
The one who is about to be anointed Leader of the Free World, sounds and appears, from time to time, as if he has a vein of despotism running through his body. However, don’t be fooled by the occasional appearance, or sound, of demagoguery and populist disconnect.
 A few things need to be straightened out about D. J. Trump; our next and presumptive President. First, a question: “Does he really want to be President?” Assuming he does want to be President, what might his personal agenda be? Could it be that D. J. Trump is setting himself up for the time, four years from now, when he is no longer President? If so, he might be leaving the Office with enough I.O.U.’s to last a lifetime. So far, none of his rhetoric points to the fact that he is taking this “politician” thing seriously. He looks to be fat, dumb, and happy in delegating all things Presidential to folks who may end up owing him some serious favors in 2021. He doesn’t even have to keep track of it all, so there will be no appearance of impropriety. His kids can tally all the favors, and bank them in the basement of a hotel, or buried under the 18th green at a golf course (possibly off shore?).
Another provocative question: “Does old D. J. Trump actually write all these Twitter twats that seem to consume every minute of every Newscast and every Newspaper around the Globe?” I would be willing to bet a sum of real money that he has a ghostwriter. After giving this a little thought (very little, actually) one name comes to mind. This name is based on the often-times childish and inconsistency of these Twitter twats. The name, you may ask. But, of course: little Barron Von Trump!
 And, oh my God, do all the Trump-ettes have any idea what it’s like to live in the middle of Washington DC? They roll the streets up at about 6:30pm, save for a few bars and restaurants. Everything happens out in the suburbs where you probably won’t find a member of the “Firstest Family” wandering about. Will Madame D. J. Trump be excited living in the relative squalor of the White House? If she does move into Pennsylvania Ave., who gets the “remodeling” contract? Will it be outsourced to a Mexican construction Company; perhaps the same one that will be building the wall? That way, the D. J. Trumps may get Mexico to pay for the remodel as well as the Wall.

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