Saturday, December 10, 2016


Well, folks, I’ve arrived at a very large “crossroad” in my life.
I’m sneaking up on 70 years old (doesn’t really feel that old right yet). But..............
I’ve kind of had it!
I’m kind of throwing in the towel!
I’m too damn old to keep up the good fight; the one against the Department of Veterans Affairs and all the other turkeys; that is.
         To quote the infamous Jimmy McMillian from Brooklyn; “The rent is          too damn high!”
I’m tired of being lied to, abused, kicked to the curb, etc. by people who simply don’t give a crap!
I’ve been sailing this ship that is my life through some interesting waters. My final destination is not all that far off, so I really want to try to enjoy what journey I have left. To that end, I am jettisoning the Department of Veterans Affairs; lock, stock, and barrel. I am ridding myself of the Federal Government, the Department of Defense, et al.
And, it’s time to pass the torch of “advocacy” to anyone who feels up to carrying the load. Like I said, I’m just getting to old, slow, tired, and disillusioned to keep banging up against the same old brick wall. You know, after a while, the head starts to friggin’ hurt.  
So, it is with a few fond memories that I bid farewell to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, NY. This includes the wonderful Alumni Association, the PTSD Veterans Association, my beloved Building #65, the dreaded Building #200, all the Specialty Clinics, the crack Emergency Room, the “on-time-all-the-time” Pharmacy, the Hospital management who have Veterans’ best interests at heart, all the wonderful maintenance and infrastructure departments who take such good care of the Facility...I could go on.
I think, maybe, I’ve come to realize that things change over time, and what was right for me then might not be right for me now. I am doing the aforementioned while in some semblance of decent health, and some semblance of sound mind (there are those who would cast aspersions on both those claims). It is time to clear the slate and start writing my own story in the time I have left on this Planet. I truly want to enjoy waking up in the morning and not having anything to worry me, or attempt to drag me down. I want to be among happy, uplifting people who have also chosen to leave “Gloom & Doom” in the dust. 
So, it's time to bid you all a fond adieu for now.




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