Wednesday, May 4, 2016




How the American Public has let down the American Public

Ø  Our elected officials have been busy little beavers when it comes to breaking the law and/or acting contrary to their stated family and social values.
Ø  In the summation section you will see that very few of these “ladies” and “gentlemen” ever pay any significant penalty for such discretions.
v  These are the very folks we like to call our political “elite”. Really?
Ø  Almost, to a man or a woman, they are all lawyers, which is somehow eerily ironic, and absolutely unacceptable.
v  Take a good look, folks!
Ø  Then ask yourself the question; “Why do we, as citizens of this Nation, keep electing these degenerates to represent us?”
Ø  The answer to that question is we all have “STUPID” tattooed across our foreheads.
Ø  When the Hell do we wake up and make democracy work the way it was intended to work?
Ø  We don’t need a whole lot of “Hope And Change”, or “a Future We Can Believe In”.
Ø  We certainly don’t have to “Make America Great Again”; we already are, and have been for quite some time.
v  Can we do better?
Ø  You bet your sweet Ass we can, but, if we don’t start soon, we’re all going to Hell in a hand-basket!
Ø  Is that the legacy you want to leave your kids, their kids, and so on down the line?
Ø  Stop being a collective herd of lemmings with your heads in the sand (or, elsewhere).
Ø  If you don’t do it, nobody will.
Ø  Please try using that lump on top of your shoulders that God gave you.

v  Let’s get rid of that tattoo and be a part of the democratic process.

The tally on this score card:
# of perpetrators:               Republicans,50      Democrats, 35
# jail time:                           19
# probation:                        7
# censured:                         4
# impeached:                      1
# fined:                                7
# nothing:                           56
# charges dropped:            3

A number of figures jump off the page at you; indicating the elite Washington ruling class. They don’t treat each other in the same fashion that they treat the Unwashed Masses. I guess you already knew that. It’s just worth confirming it from time to time.
Now, tell me, is a Second American Revolution out of the question?


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