Sunday, December 6, 2015

So, you’re contemplating “making a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom”?
You may want to reconsider.

As of today, all households in the United States will be issued:
two 9-mm, semi-automatic pistols, a 20-gauge, 

a sawed off shotgun, and an AR-15 automatic rifle. 
The Federal Government has finally come to its senses and expanded the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution to make this Federal issue mandatory.
All the above weapons are manufactured inside our borders. The 9-mm pistols come with laser pointers, 

up to 10 x 10-round clips and 2,400 rounds of ammunition.
The sawed off shotguns have extendable stocks, a front-mounted hand grip, up to 10 x 16-round shell canisters, and 1,200 shotgun shells.
The AR-15’s come with a scope, a high intensity spotting light, 30-round clips, and up to 5,600 rounds of .556 ammunition.
Common to all these weapons are appropriate silencers for each barrel.
None of the issued firearms will be “registered” in any way, shape, or form by any Government entity.
The only “registration” necessary will be for those households who refuse to participate in the Program.
The budgeting and procurement of the entire Program will by charged against the National Defense Budget. The quartering and dissemination process will be handled by each State’s Army National Guard.
Households will be documented as having received their one-time issue to ensure that no one household receives more than its share. There will be an optional program, backed by Government vouchers, to help defray the cost of secure storage for the entire package of firearms, accessories, and ammunition.
 This action by the Federal Government will put the rest of the world on notice that the American public is armed in sufficient numbers as to be able to defend any threat of terrorist infiltration. This notice will be hi-lighted by the airing of video showing the free Government family-oriented firearm training at local firing ranges around the Country. Firearm training will be offered to anyone starting at the age of twelve. The one-time cost of hardware acquisition and delivery will run in the neighborhood of $1.4 Trillion, the one-time storage/secure voucher system will be about $800 Million, and the family training allowance should come in at around $650 Million over 15 years.