Friday, February 1, 2013

Some thoughts on Socialism & Capitalism

v  Labor comes before, and is the essence of, all forms of capital. Capital cannot exist   
without the primary existence of Labor.
v  From Thomas Jefferson to Abraham Lincoln to Norman Thomas, and beyond, our Nation was born of European Style Socialist Theories and movements.
v   As it happened throughout the 1800’s, the United States of North America wound up enjoying the practice of Marxist socialism more so than than the European Nations it was trying to emulate. Most of the socialist movements in Europe died a quick death.
v  The Industrial Revolution of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s turned the USoNA from its unique brand of Socialism toward its equally unique brand of Capitalism, which have coexisted for over a century.
v  By definition, the USoNA is has practiced exactly the same expansionist behavior that led it into Social and Economic Revolution for its Independence. The evolution from a group of partisans yearning to be free of tyranny has lost itself in the muck and mire of Socialism, Colonialism and Capitalism.
v  It is never a good idea to meld the terms Socialism and Communism. They simply are not one, and the same, and there is a place for both to exist independently.
v  What today are termed our overbearing Entitlement Programs are often referred to as Socialistic. Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and Worker Disability Insurances were theoretically born of Socialism (Marxism), but were tailored specifically for our own Economic System. These programs are not Entitlements; they are contracts with the working public, employers, and government. These programs are set up as contributory insurance plans. They are not handouts, nor are they free money.