Saturday, November 16, 2013

Townof Huntington, NY.........Part VIII

Our town………..                                         Part VIII
Such a nice place to live and raise a family

 Hey, Huntington! What’s up with these

 numbers? I guess we all forgot to vote,

 or, maybe, we just forgot where to vote,

 or, just maybe, we felt our vote wouldn’t

 count, so we just stayed home married 

to our e-machinesand our "i-life

The politics of this Town have been

 disgustingly corrupt for decades

 because folks just can’t seem to find

 the time to exercise their Constitutional

 right to vote every November.

                            *Suffolk County legislator (18th District)
                                  *Election districts reporting: 100% (78 of 78)

2,087 vote differential
- District wide -


               *Huntington Town council member (3 open seats)
          Election districts reporting: 100% (178 of 178)

564 vote differential

838 vote differential

838 vote differential

   (first timer...came close!)
                             71,266 - total votes cast in this category

               *Huntington Town superintendent of highways"
              Election districts reporting: 100% (178 of 178)

960 vote differential !!!!!


                     *Huntington Town supervisor
Election districts reporting:
                                                  100% (178 of 178)

                                        595 vote differential!!!!!


71,266 votes for the Huntington Town Council seats is not a bad number (about 32% of registered voters in the Town. If that number cast a vote for Town Council seats, what were half of them thinking when it came time to use the felt marker for Town Supervisor and Superintendent of Highways? And, who gives a crap about our County Legislature? Come on, folks! If you care at all about where, how, and by whom your tax dollars are being spent, you really need to pay attention. You also need to follow through and fill in a complete ballot. Did anyone flip their ballot over? If you did, you saw your chance to weigh in on proposals and propositions that are going to cost you a lot more of what you already don’t enjoy paying.
        Please go back and take a look at the
              vote differentials, and then tell me your vote doesn’t count.
Wake up, Huntington

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