Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We are being warned of that which is happening right now. If “We The Peeps” don’t call this hand in the very near future, we will have absolutely nothing to say about democracy in this Nation. Your vote counts. This year it counts a lot! Please don’t sit home and watch the World pass you by this November.
From my e-mail, 09/26/2012:


        POLITICO Influence []

        By Dave Levinthal and Anna Palmer, With Tarini Parti


          BOOK WATCH:

        Democratic political consultant Douglas E. Schoen is out with a new book, "Hopelessly Divided," and if you plunk down $27 to buy it, pay particular attention to chapters 10 and 11 - 47 pages worth of scathing commentary on the nation's campaign finance and lobbying realms.


        The lobbying chapter, titled "The K Street Effect," concludes with this ominous warning about the influence industry: "The bottom line is this: Without radical change, we will see more abuses, more shocking scandals and more calls for ethics reforms in the future. ... The one constant will be that average citizens will continue to have less and less impact on the way their lawmakers conduct public policy. Of this I am certain."


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