Sunday, September 16, 2012


When, in the course of a Nation, there arises a need for that Nation’s Government to choose between its own People and the Corporations that greatly profit from that Nation’s largesse, the path that Government takes speaks volumes of its regard for the Men and Women who fought long and hard to build a democratic Society, that does not question the equality of all Men and all Women. The United States of America is at that very crossroads. Both the People, and the Government charged to represent them, have some basic societal and political decisions to make in the coming month and a half.

It seems quite easy for the People to relax into a Corporate run life-style that removes much of the day to day decision making that this Nation’s original individualists prided themselves on. Reaching conclusions and acting on decisions are two very distinct and different concepts. The People of this Country can reach all the conclusions they want to, and that will still simply leave the “huddled masses” groveling at the feet of Corporate America. The inference here is that this act alone will guarantee the obliteration of anything resembling a Middle Class.

To be involved in the furthering of our National democracy, The People are the catalysts of change and progression. It is the People who must set the National agenda, and go to any, and all, lengths to insure that agenda is adhered to day after day, year after year. One of the most basic tenets of a democracy is the expectation that the People will be willing to get involved to the point of electing their peers to represent them in ways appropriate to their wishes. The inference here is that the very best decisions will be made, and acted upon, for the greater wellbeing of the Nation’s People.

There are three distinct choices the American People can make this November. By convincing yourself that your vote does not matter, and your Government will do as they please, anyway, you can stay home on our National Election Day and let the World pass you by.

Alternatively, you may participate in your right to engage your vote, and opt for the status quo, thus allowing the Nations’ Corporations a free hand to run this Country as they see fit. This option has absolutely nothing to do with your wishes and desires about the future of your Country.

You may, on the other hand, choose to engage your vote on your terms. Being of sound mind and fairly good judgment, the People of the United States of America have the capability to shape a National moral, societal, economic, and political course that will guarantee fairness and justice to ALL our Citizens.

There are two ways to arm yourself with the confidence to make the choice that is right for you. Number one is The Constitution of The United States of America; number two is The Bill of Rights. One aspect of reading these two Documents is that you can do it by your self, with no outside interference to sway your judgment. Both Documents are easy to read; easy to understand, and are the basis for our Country’s past, present, and future.

Before you make a decision to vote, or not, or to vote one way, or the other, please take the time to re-acquaint yourself with our Nation’s founding Articles and the Documentation that formed the beginning of the World’s Greatest Democracy. The grand design for the United States of America is one of longevity and prosperity, with fairness and justice to all its Citizens, and to the rest of the World’s Citizens.

    I thank you for getting involved in your Country’s future.

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