Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get the money out of politics 101:

So, you want to get the money out of Politics?
Almost everyone in the Country has a unique take on this subject and some of them will actually contribute to the “Cause”. There is a way of doing this that not too many folks have been talking about.

Imagine, if you would, a campaign season that lasted a maximum of six months. (The Brits do it in six weeks.) How about a Constitutional Amendment that would have all this mud-slinging over and done in one third the time time it takes now? The “big money” might not have enough time to envelope the selection process. Certainly, the Lobbyists would be limited in the time they could spend trying to sow their seeds.

While we’re at it, why don’t we put a low, but reasonable, dollar amount on all elected positions. Form the President down to the local Dog Catcher we could set limits that force the candidates to interact with their constituency instead of hiding behind all the glossy advertisements. With the garrauntee of a short and sweet time frame, the Public would be more inclined to get involved, and some of the current cynisim would flow out of our veins.

Of course, this means overturning the Supreme Court decision on Corporate and Foreign funding of campaigns (the “Citizens United” case). No small feat, you say? This will be accomplished by the “Occupy” movement; after all, look at what they have done to date, and they could use some firm direction to keep the fires burning.

One and a half years is entirely too much time to spend on “getting to know you” Political campaigns. That time frame openly invites money and corruption. It may only take changes in Federal, State, and Local Election Laws. If this is the case, the whole process can be finished over night. We do need the Politicians with the correct body parts to get the job done. I think we either have some already, or can easily find some.

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