Saturday, July 23, 2011

(more) Top ten things that make my head hurt

21.     The 24 hour news cycle
22.     Print media that publishes articles written by people who have
           no clue about how to write the English language
23.     Trickle down economics
24.     Over paid, cry baby professional athletes 
25.     People who idolize over paid, cry baby professional athletes
26.     Figure skating
27.     People who drive slow in the fast lane
28.     What “corporate America” has been allowed to do to this Country
29.     War
30.     Not honoring commitments made to the men & women who               
           have, and are, fighting for this Country in foreign lands

Friday, July 22, 2011

(more) Top ten things that really make my head hurt:

11.     advertising for pharmaceuticals where the disclaimer is longer than the ad
12.     people who can’t admit that this Country is in a full blown “Depression”
13.     government officials, elected, or appointed, who lack the necessary body parts to
       get their job done
14.     most Senators
15.     most Representatives
16.     the idea that Israel can do no wrong
17.     the incredible lack of understanding our people and government have about the    
      Arab world.
18.     people who make up words
19.     people who embrace those made up words
20.    anyone who says, “trust me”

Thursday, July 21, 2011



America's Third World Economy
Paul Craig Roberts writes -   
The US economy has been losing jobs for a decade. As manufacturing, information technology, software engineering, research, development, and tradable professional services have been moved offshore, the American middle class has shriveled. The ladders of upward mobility that made American an "opportunity society" have been dismantled . The loss of middle class jobs and incomes was covered up for years by the expansion of consumer debt to substitute for the lack of income growth. Americans refinanced their homes and spent the equity, and they maxed out their credit cards.”
   You have every reason to be concerned.  We are on the extreme edge of disaster.  There  are those that say if things get any worse we could be an armed insurrection. This is the scary part, considering the “Militia” enrollment has more than tripled in one year.
    I have a real fear that something terrible will soon come from this unsustainable level of spending. Interest rates are at historic lows. If they should rise, just servicing the current debt would cost even more hundreds of billions in borrowed dollars. Soon, we will face a bleak choice of either slashing national defense or Social Security -- or both -- just when the nation is graying and the world is becoming more dangerous than ever. Will the Chinese lend us the money to deploy an aircraft carrier off their coast, or finance new American health-care entitlements that they cannot afford for 400 million of their own people?
   Some of the old theories of “Isolationism” may not be something Americans want to think about. If drastic change in this Country means a little “Social Democracy”, then maybe its time. The U.S. has extended its tentacles around the World for a long time; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.
   If our Government could figure a way to retrench its International escapades and experiments, our friends and foes alike might just feel a little less nervous. I wonder what the World would look like then? I would be happier than a pig in poo-poo to be around to see it! 

Things that really make my head hurt:

1.     being assaulted with British/Australian accents on TV
2.     anything Glen Beck says
3.     anyone who says that Government can “create” jobs
4.     the lack of a decent toothpaste tube roller mechanism
5.     Teflon* pots & pans that stick
6.     people who neglect to buy the optional turn signals on their car
7.     people who say the United States sucks
8.     people who say the United States is always right
9.     wine that comes in a box
10. people who ask you a question, then don’t allow you to answer it