Monday, October 31, 2011

The Second American Revolution

The Second “Shot Heard ‘Round The World”

In all my living days, I never thought I would be singing the praises of anything  that resides inside the borders of the State of California. I am hereby admitting my mistake. I have just fallen in love with the City of Oakland, California! They have just made all my clamoring about a Second American Revolution become a reality.

Tonight I have learned that the “Occupy” protest movement in Oakland has proposed a general strike for one day this week. If, indeed, they can rally enough support to pull this off, the good people of Oakland will have launched the Second American Revolution. No shots will be fired in this Revolution, no cities will be burnt to the ground, no hordes of hooligans will be rampaging throughout the countryside; no, this will be a peaceful, orderly reclamation project brought to you by the “99%”.

If you ever do anything to support democracy in this Nation, now is the time to stand for what is just and fair. We are a just and fair people, aren’t we? Let’s prove it to the rest of World how democracy can be a good thing, and do it by example. It won’t hurt us one bit to lay down our weapons of mass destruction for a while. We can use the break to get the United States of America back on track and in line with our collective hopes and dreams. The hopes and dreams that say, “ we want to leave a better World for our children and their children, and for generations to come.”

This is a Broadway play that demands audience participation,
This is a Hollywood movie that has no “extras; we all have a starring roles.
This is a movement whose outcome you are thoroughly going to enjoy!

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