Thursday, September 29, 2011

CCXXXV Years Ago

There are many idiomatic phrases that could apply to my next topic. The truth of the matter is that, after 235 years, we have come full circle.
A scant five generations ago, some folks here on the East Coast got a little frustrated with constantly having to pay taxes, and not having any say as to what those monies were spent on, or where they went. The receivers of those tax dollars were above the fray, and felt that no explanation was necessary to any upstart traitor from a colony.
These days, we certainly don’t worry to much about having to pay a tax when we purchase a bag of tea. I don’t think we are ready to toss all our tea into the “drink”.

But, that was then, and this is now. The games have changed and the stakes are a little bit higher this time around. Some things in life simply go around and around, and I think we may have come full circle on this one. As I have predicted for well over a year, there is finally revolution in the air; and, on the streets. Our captains of industry have finally raped and pillaged the resources of this Country to a point where We The People simply have no choice , but to revolt and reclaim what has been unlawfully and unethically taken from us. The robber barons of Wall St. finally have it all, and they aren’t going to give back without a fight. So, I guess, it’s a fight we’ll just have to give them.

The Second American Revolution has started. As with most revolutions, our Second one has given us the proverbial “shot heard ‘round the World”. The ongoing protest and symbolic “occupation” of Wall St. (New York City) has heralded the start of something big; really big.

The battle cry is even the same: “No Taxation Without Representation”. This coming month of October will let us know whether the Movement is catching on with the folks most affected by our current state of economic affairs. The winter environment may dim the participation some, but the fire will remain smoldering, at least. Cherry blossom time in Washington, D.C. may signal a rebirth of the strength that made this Country great. The timing couldn’t be better. 2012 being a “general” election year, “We The People” will be able to change everything that brought us to this place of economic depression. We will have the opportunity to recreate our manufacturing base and our Middle Class. We will have the chance to remold the shape of our Foreign Policy. We will have a chance to bring a democracy to our Nation in the manner to which our Constitution ascribes. We will have a chance at peace in our lifetime. And, once again, we will have a chance to be the envy of people around the globe; this time for all the right reasons.

So, what’ll it be America? Could we see the dog wagging its tail, or are we quite happy to continue letting the tail wag the dog? You can still watch Dancing with the Stars and, at the same time take a stand, use your voice, and use your vote; your voice and your vote still count!

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