Sunday, July 24, 2011

(more) top ten things that make my head hurt

31.   giving tax payers dollars to Countries who spit in our face
32.    the un-removable, heat-sealed protective cover on bottles
33.     computer software that turns around and asks you if you want to do what
      you just told it to do
34.   voicemail that shows up on your cell phone three days late
35.   people who really think Curling is an interesting sport
36.   people who think that reality TV is real
37.   that we haven’t had a woman President, yet
38.   that the Gulf of Mexico still has an oil slick, only you can’t see it because it’s lying
      on floor of the Gulf
39.   corporations who are allowed to outright lie to the American public
40.   most of our Country’s tax code

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