Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gun Control: the easy way

For years we’ve argued that guns should, or should not, be in the hands of the greater population. To this end, gun owners have consistently been the target on both sides of the argument. I believe that there is another, more rational, way of tackling this subject.
Consider, if you will, the shear numbers involved. Would it not be much easier to deal with one of the smaller groups? There are a number of groups in this set.
1) the number of guns (largest group)
2) the number of gun owners (second largest group)
3) the number of gun manufacturers (third place)
4) the gun dealers/sellers (far, and away, the smallest group)
It seems to me that when dealing with the enforcement of Laws and the control of deadly weapons, it is entirely more cost and time efficient to deal directly with the smallest amount of people. There is so much going on in the gun trade, it boggles the mind. There are more than fifty Laws, on the books, the can be used to put these dealers/sellers out of the business of arming our population with weapons, the likes of AK-47’s, Glok-9’s, etc. If any Politician is actually serious about curtailing the gun violence in this Country, start with the dealers/sellers. You know exactly who they are and where they do business.

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