Monday, January 3, 2011

Letter to Politicians II

Subject: Back-up Response to Letter I

Dear             (Senator/representative) 
   Having taken a number of unscientific surveys, it is my conclusion that my sampling of Veterans indicates very strong, deep sentiment on the subject of National, State, and Local honor and recognition for their Service. A small percentage of all Veterans are vocal on this matter; most are not vocal, in part, because they are embarrassed how they have been, and are now, being treated. What Veterans want most is for their Government and their Countrymen to honor the fact they were/are willing to don the Uniform, and put their lives on the line for the Freedoms we all enjoy. Our Country, as a whole, has enjoyed and benefitted the spoils and sacrifices of a relative few.
   This subject is one of National pride and one that is in urgent need of addressing. I am counting on support from you and your colleagues to enhance and reform support for our Veterans. By using the Legislative process, we can give all our Veterans the Honor and Respect they so fully deserve.

In Appreciation,


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