Saturday, January 15, 2011

Department of No Defense

I don't know what made me stop briefly on Fox News while channel surfing.
I wouldn't normally pay that cable channel much mind.
Low and behold, up came a story relating to an Armed Forces widow who
had just recieved an invoice from the DoD demanding the return of the
$41,000.00 Life Insurance payout from her dead husband's Policy. Their
reasoning seems to be that because she remarried another Military retiree,
she would eventually recieve his Insurance payout also. They didn't want
her to "double-dip" the system. Yes, she is absolutely livid with anger, and
rightfully so!
Her deceased husband gave 34 of his years to the Military. He paid
premiums for this Life Insurance Policy. Nobody but the listed beneficiary has
any right to lay claim to these "exhorbitant" funds. This is an outrage of the
highset magnitude, and should be prosecuted as fraud, with the guilty parties
serving some serious jail time. It's bad enough when every day civilians trash the
few rights our Military Personnel do recieve, but to have one of their own do it is
tantamount to Treason and should be adjudicated as such.
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